Jan Fontecchio & Dave Gressard

Jan Fontecchio & Dave Gressard


Fri - 08/06/2021 - Thu - 09/02/2021    
All Day


Valley Art Center
842 6th St, Clarkston, WA, 99403

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Jan Fontecchio

Jan Perley Horses


Jan Perley Deer


Dave Gressard

Natural history art has always been a passion of Dave’s. His art is a result of his fascination of animals and the environment which surrounds them.

Dave’s appreciation for the natural world is founded in his belief that it all is a testimony of God, the Creator. He believes that our involvement in the natural world around us is not our right, but our privilege and because it is a privilege, we need to treat creation with respect.

Gressard Dog

With the advantage of time, Dave has found that, although the latter is still so very true, art has also given him something he could not have anticipated. The people he has met, and the friendships he has made through his art have enriched and blessed his life far beyond what he could have imagined. Being involved with so many people that share similar interests with the same enthusiasm has been a source of encouragement and joy.

The desire to look at what seems to be every day simple things, and see the complexity of color and the way light effects color. For example, afternoon light on clouds, back light through leaves and flowers. The idea that the seemingly simplest things can be inspiration for a remarkable painting has helped give Dave a frame of mind that everyday has the potential for new ideas and inspiration.


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