Sherry Orchard Reception


Fri - 03/04/2022    
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Valley Art Center
842 6th St, Clarkston, WA, 99403

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  • The Outlaws

I’ve always tried to do things in my life that were a little different from everyone else. That applies to my artwork as well. My first creations were done on the typical canvas or paper but the excitement just wasn’t there, something was missing. I enjoyed painting but I always felt that I could do it differently to make a much bigger impact. That day happened when I painted on my first feather. After the suggestion of a friend who noticed all of the wild turkeys roaming through our property I picked up a small feather and created my first feather painting of a white tailed deer. It was that “flash of light” moment that I knew I had found what I had been looking for!

With much experimenting and evolution I have discovered a style that is my own. My art is not just the painting but the whole package, the accent feathers, the handmade papers and occasionally the sketches surrounding the feathers. Once an idea pops into my head I can’t wait to go grab my brushes and get started. The thrill of seeing my idea complete is such a feeling of accomplishment.

The images that I paint seem to create a sense of peace within me. It’s a way to tune out the world and almost make me feel a part of the scene. We all have a place that we dream of when we close our eyes, the original old west, the mountains, and the animals that live there is that place for me. Every time I start a painting…. that’s where I am.

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