June 2023 Annual Open Show

Now is the time to prepare for the June Annual Open Show for 2023. I hope everyone has at least one
special painting ready to bring in and hang in the show May 30. We would like your entry form ready to
turn in with your pictures at 10am Tuesday May 30th . The crew will be ready and waiting for those
fabulous pictures to show up Gallery ready to be hung. The rules are lined out on the entry form which
is attached to this email or may be picked up at the Gallery. Be sure to keep the top of the form for your
records. Look for it at the bottom of this email or where ever your attachments are located. Remember
this is a judged show. Our prizes are as follows:

People’s Choice $100
Best of Show $100
1 st Place in any one category $50

One first place for each of the following categories: Oil/Acrylics, Scratchboard, Watercolor/Gouache,
Pastels, Mixed Media, 3-D, Fiber Art and Other. If there are only one or two entries in any one category
the entries will be combined into the “Other” category and judged within that group with a first place
chosen from among them.