Back Gallery II

Information for artists interested in hanging their artwork in the Back Gallery II

Thank you for your interest in displaying your artwork in the Back Gallery II at the Valley Art Center.

You must be a member of the Valley Art Center. Membership dues are $40 for one year.

You need to have your artwork juried by the Jury Committee. Please bring in five (5) original pieces of your artwork, framed to gallery standards with labels on the back, the last Friday or Saturday of the month. the Jury will review your artwork doing the next monthly Board Meeting and contact you.

If this does not work for you or you have any questions, please contact Robin Harvey at (208) 413-6575.

If/when you are approved, you will be notified and your name will be added to the list to be included in the next rotation when all the artists in the Back Gallery II change their artwork to a different randomly assigned space. These assignments are usually made in the middle of January, April, July, and October.

The monthly rent for the Back Gallery II is $10 per month OR $5 per month if you volunteer to work every month at the front desk when the Valley Art Center is open. You will receive special instructions to work at the front desk, including instruction on opening and closing.

Thank you for your interest.