Watercolor Portraits & Landscapes with Stan Miller


Sat - 04/23/2022    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Valley Art Center
842 6th St, Clarkston, WA, 99403

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Portraits & Landscapes
Offered through
Valley Art Center
Stan Miller
April 23 & 24, 2022
Saturday – Sunday
9am to 4pm
Valley Art Center
842 6th Street, Clarkston WA 99403

Stan Miller Workshop 2022

$ 255
Supply list

  • Arches 140 # cold press 11 x15. (A full sheet cut in half)
  • Tubes of Paint No pallets with just dried pigment. Bring tubes too.
  • Regular cream colored masking tape. No blue tape.

Option of working from Stan’s photos of portraits and landscapes or students may work from their own images. Stan will guide you through each handout, one step at a time.

Essentials to have:

  • Paper described above
  • 1″ flat water color brush
  • #6 round water color
  • Pallet not to small

—-A Strong Red—
Quinacridone Rose, Cadmium Red, Windsor Red or Alizarin Crimson

—- A Strong Blue—-
Thalo, Prussian Blue, Grahams paints Phthalocyanine (thalo blue)

—-A Yellow—-
Cadmium yellow, Hansa, Azo yellow

—-Titanium white—
Back or Paynes Gray

Other colors are welcome and helpful but not required.
Additional brushes are also welcome
Watercolor boards are not required but a board, piece of foam board or cardboard ,to tape the painting on to will be ok.

  • Extra scrap water color paper is good.
  • A kneaded eraser
  • Grocery store sponge for absorbing water
  • Container for water

Students may email Stan with questions about workshop or supplies.

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